Monday, May 21, 2012

pepe's taco adventure (part 1)

     It was a beautiful day in tacobell. Although everyone was in McDonald's buying their burgers & stuffing fries in their mouths.."Were better then them!" said Pepe with a tortilla in his hand, starring at the red & white clown outside holding a sign saying welcome. "We gotta make something new & hip, like that so called big mac, we gotta stop playing with Los frijoles & make something new!"
"but Pepe how can we make something new if all we got is beans and fake meat, we cant just break the tradition" said Pepe's brother "your right mi amigo, although if we don't change how we are, we will loose the whole business! & we will go back to working in Mexico with our old jobs & those burros that hurt my butt with their hott backs -.- I mean u got to admit a carro is better then a burro, a burro doesn't have any air can barley even feel any air when its even moving because its so slow, "but Pepe what about your old job at selling fruta..remember you loved papaya"
suddenly Pepe jumped up & screamed from the top of his lungs "holy tamales I got it!! you know what McDonald's does not have, they don't have healthy burgers, we can make a special of tacos that are Delicious & at the same time healthy!"
Pepe's brother looked at him like he was crazy for a minute "although how are we gonna do that mi brother, we cant just putt fruit in a tortilla & we cant just search all over the world like we did last time..remember that we went to the wrong places to look & ended up in a house of an old lady all drunk & worse of all I lost mi sombrero!!"....Pepe looked at him, "well we will find a way my brother, we will find a way"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My fake summer experience

       Do you sometimes have that feeling that once you get out of school you will have a blast and go crazy like in the movies, then it turns out to be like a normal day mind numbingly boredom , its horrible -.- you just buy a big bag of chips forget about school and what the teachers tell you about keep learning while you are out of school. You start to gain weight then next thing you know next year starts & the person you where last year saying you would get in shape...turns out the only shape you got in was a circle.
        Well sometimes people got to notice this is not a movie, its reality & the things you wish you could do aren't the way you expect them. like a club, you expect to have a great time & party out of your mind!! but instead the only thing that party's out is the money in your wallet.
         Yeah its hard to face the things that are true because they aren't what you expected, I always wanted to drive when I was little & I always used to say that I would be a street racer because of those cool movies I watch (the fast & the furious) then I grew up & saw it was illegal & those cars they drive aren't so cheap for i little kid that wanted to work in McDonald's so he could get all the burgers he wants. If only real life was a wouldn't be so hard. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

movie review

My opinion of the movie was they did not exacly as the book but very similar & it came out great especially with the actors in it. Most things that kinda changed where some fighting scenes, Although that was a small change that didnt make a big difference, Like the wolfs & the faces on them from the people that died...i was kinda lett down because i didnt get to see Rue as a wolf, That kinda lett me down but i gotta admitt it was an enthusiastic movie and had alott of things that made me think aboute how it was in the book. If id ever have to rate this movie from a scale from one to ten id give it a seven, Because it game many detail similar to the book & i loved the affects for example when the forest was on fire..that had alott of action.the actors like Peeta, Rue, & katniss did an amazing job especially Peeta with the effects of camaflauge, that was really great too. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Fourteen, fourteen is the number when childhood is gone
One like the leaves of a tree, the only difference is that we can't
Undo all the mistakes we have done
Relive again, life doesn't  end, it keeps going so make the best of it
Then just like drake said to the world  “you only live once”
Everyone having problems life, health are most common
Even people bombing, like fat man dropped on japan by Americans
Never give up, live life & what drake said its one piece of what's limited because your spirit stay living just like Jesus in the sky.
fourteen :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

ELA writing

One out of many blog posts that it think I worked hard on and showed growth from the start of the year. Is the story genetic mutations , in the start of the year it was really hard for me to reaserch information on computers and break down things to small sentences.
Also I learned to find the most important information and stay on the main topic & instead of just using simple words I used vocabulary so I could make it more interesting. Like another story I wrote i hate vegetables!!! :l
for that story I put as much detail as I could to make the person see an image once they would read it. One of the first storys that I first worked on and I trien putting up detail and thought into was the story the time i got almost killed by a bull :0 , It took me a long time to explain it because it was a long time ago and to bring back what was years ago was pretty tough for me. Although one I tried putting in as much descripsion as possible. I thought to myself I achived what I wanted :)

i hate vegetables!!! :l

        Did you ever get mad when you where a little boy and your parents told you to eat your vegetables and you would just put a big sad face and say no with an attitude.Know I did but all they would do is say its healthy for me because I would grow big and strong. Well ,my parents did the most mean thing that any parent can do just to make you eat you wanna know how she did it?

   It was 2004, the year of my childhood. I was six years old & I was over at my friends house.  His mom invited me to his birthday party and I was playing toy cars that his grandpa gave him as a present. I stayed there for hours till my mom came to pick me up

A couple hours into the party and my mommy came for me screaming my name out, which was so embarrassing.  After some minutes it just got annoying so I grabbed her from the hand and she took me home. Athough right when we got home she already had food prepared and we were about to eat smashed potatoes & enchiladas, when I saw my plate my eyes brightened with excitement to dig in. I grabbed a spoon and put as much as I could in my mouth & when I was done,she starred at me with a funny smile that I couldn't think of saying that she had something bad to tell me & I was right, she asked me with a sweet voice that made me shiver “now for your vegetables”...right after she said that my hopes for ice cream where over.

    Although she did something really different this time, she brought her laptop and said “people that don't eat their vegetables look like this in the future”...I starred at it for  period of time then went crieng to my room. I was terrified because she showed me a picture of a massive man that was inexplicably over weight, I felt like my life was over because of all those times I denied eating my vegetables. So from that day until I was ten years old I have been terrified of that picture. But I still eat my fruits and vegetables because I know they are good for you and and it will be good for your body in the future. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the time i got almost killed by a bull :0

             It was A sunny day in Mexico,Guerrero and I was so exited because the bell was about to ring so we could finally go home from school.everyone was outside where the sun was shinning as hot as lava in A volcano and then suddenly the bell rings and people run as fast as they can home, me and my best friends Paco and Raymundo where walking together although on the way home Paco freezes and observes my neighbors bulls that he had, they where probably baby's because they where small although they had little horns. Paco then suddenly said without any hesitation he said "whoever rides it first I will buy their lunch tomorrow at school", I knew he would have wanted to do it and if I would have said no He would open his mouth at school saying I was a chicken because I didn't do it so I said "okay I will but you will give me your lunch too" he starred at me for a while and then said "OK" with a big smile.

                I quietly opened the door of where all the bulls where at and with fear I jumped on one of then, although he didn't move...not even a Little, he was just laying there like nothing is happening, for a second I thought that this would be easy but unexpectedly it got up viciously moving trying to shake me off his back where is was shaking from my head to toe, then in one of his shaking patterns I lost my grip and I flew of his back while making me hit my head on a rock and make me cry of pain , Paco and Raymundo ran as fast as they could and starred at me like I was I sever danger especially Paco because he knew if I would have told his mom that he made me ride a bull she would beat him till she couldn't no more.

               "Are you okay jhonnatan here get up and lets take u home" said Paco almost shaking of fear and as pale as a blank sheet of paper, I got up and we went to my house although when we went home my looked at me all scared thinking that I had gotten in a fight and and they punched mi.although she sat me down in a chair and she called a doctor so he could see if it was badly injured. When the doctor got there he just luked at my buise and he said it was just a small opening and it would go away although the cut on my hand never got away and a mark still remains.